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Bad business karma is a bitch - here's why

Lying, cheating and backstabbing are really crummy things that happen every day in the business world.   This behavior is destructive and costly.  And it’s rampant.  People think they can get away with deception and they can for a while.  However, there’s this little thing called “karma” that kicks in and changes the game.  Karma says... Read more »

How To Keep Bumps in the Road from Becoming Sinkholes.

I was talking to my therapist this week and we were talking about life’s bumps in the road.  That may not sound very earth shattering.  However, like most “aha’s” in life this conversation really helped me see a pattern I keep repeating.  I’ve been going through life clinging to the believe that if I just... Read more »

Day One at Work - In Person - Life After Telecommuting

This is a primer for those of us who will be going into a real office with real people….. real soon.  There are probably a few things we’ve forgotten since we were there last.  I thought it would be a good idea to review what we’ll encounter.  It’s been awhile since we’ve worked with gobs... Read more »

Life Lessons Learned During A Blizzard

It’s March 5, 2013.  We’re having a blizzard in northeastern Nebraska (home of the Lady Jays…Nebraska Women’s State Basketball Champs-Class C1…first time ever!).  The sun was shining an hour ago, but now we have a full-fledged blizzard.  Snow and winds of 30 mph.  This part of the country really needs the moisture.  It’s been a... Read more »

21 Stress Reducing Tips

1. Break down the overwhelming into smaller steps…i.e.identify what is really stressing you. 2. Remember to breathe! 3. Learn to whistle 4. Identify factors/situations causing you stress 5. Make a list of the top 3 factors 6. Face your fears – literally…physically get up and.turn around and face them…walk through them…I’m not kidding! 7. Create... Read more »