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Little ity bity, teeny, tiny reinvention tips

The reinvention process involves change.  I’ve learned that if I start with huge impossible changes, I won’t follow through…..I’ll be disappointed and crabby.  In an effort to keep you from becoming crabby, I’m recommending small, minute changes that will help you get used to change.  Then when the day comes that you get fired or... Read more »

Why we spend more on our pets than we do on our careers.

Just about everyone I know has a pet.  We have a dog.  Casey’s a mutt we got at the human society ten years ago.   She’s a shepherd / akita mix so I refer to her as a “shepkita”.  At last count Casey had at least ten toys that she carries around the basement.  I’d estimate... Read more »

"Don't Pick Your Teeth" And Other Communicating Tips

Yesterday I met with a new networking contact.  We sat at a small table in the lobby of a large hotel downtown and talked for about an hour.  During that 60-minute period my colleague made eye contact with me for about 4 seconds.  The rest of the time her eyes were darting at her shoes,... Read more »

How to Find "Hard to Find" Employees

I recently met with the CEO of a small trucking company who was lamenting the fact that he couldn’t find applicants to fill driver vacancies he needed to fill. The week before, I met with the owner of a small tech company who can’t find programmers who are willing to stay more than six months... Read more »

15 ways to increase your value.

The name of game today is value… do you contribute to the marketplace? Here are fifteen ways to increase your market value: 1. Become a resource for others 2. Connect people to help them grow their networks and business 3. Continuously add new skills to your inventory…i.e. programming, certifications 4. Write a blog 5. Know... Read more »

Strategic Networking Tips #2

Once upon a time there was a business professional who went to lots of networking events and didn’t feel like she was getting any return for her time investment. She came to this realization one day when she was cleaning off her desk and noticed the tiny stack of business cards she’d been collecting. She... Read more »

Strategic Networking - Tip #1

I think each of us should be prepared to answer this comment “tell me something I don’t know.” For instance, the next time you start a conversation with a friend try this….”did you know that unless food is mixed with saliva you can’t taste it? Or try this “Did you know that 8% of people... Read more »

Four Strategies to Successfully Reinvent Yourself

If you think that your current job will last forever and you can retire from it in twenty years, think again!  The days of any company “taking care of you” are long gone.  Holding a job for more than 5 years is a triumph these days.  The job market is changing very quickly as companies... Read more »

Smile, You're on InterviewTube!

The future is here.  In the world of the job search, those who can interview well via Skye are winning the job game.  Job seekers who create a concise, interesting and entertaining video have a distinct advantage over paper only candidates.  Sites like HRtechblog ( and news outlets like Wall Street Journal ( have been... Read more »

Day One at Work - In Person - Life After Telecommuting

This is a primer for those of us who will be going into a real office with real people….. real soon.  There are probably a few things we’ve forgotten since we were there last.  I thought it would be a good idea to review what we’ll encounter.  It’s been awhile since we’ve worked with gobs... Read more »
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