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I love you, Aunt Jean - RIP

        My Aunt Jean died today.  She was my Mother’s younger sister….the seventh of eight children.  She was a Mom to six great kids.  I remember her being perpetually pregnant and working on the Nebraska “home place” farm with her husband, Bernard.  She was jolly and giving and beautiful both inside and... Read more »

Sitting on our arses is killing us. Here's why.

  How many hours a day do you spend sitting?  According to American Journal of Epidemiology those of us who sit more than 6 hours a day have 40% greater risk of diabetes and heart disease.  The human body wasn’t meant to sit for hours on end.  The body was designed for movement and activity.  Our... Read more »

Don't dismiss suicide comments...here's why

Here’s a very important piece of life information. If someone talks about committing suicide, there’s a 99% chance they’ll do it.  I speak from experience.  My husband killed himself on July 1, 1991.  He had been laid off and was ill with kidney disease.  He’s always said that he didn’t want to live to be... Read more »

The Death of Customer Service: "Press 1 to RIP"

I was involved in a fender bender last week…..yes….it was my fault! Anyway, I called the 800 number for our insurance company to start the claims process. I also started my own “slow burn” process.  (Side bar:  In another life, I sold voice mail/automated attendant equipment and services so I should have a great appreciation... Read more »