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How to Find "Hard to Find" Employees

I recently met with the CEO of a small trucking company who was lamenting the fact that he couldn’t find applicants to fill driver vacancies he needed to fill. The week before, I met with the owner of a small tech company who can’t find programmers who are willing to stay more than six months... Read more »

15 ways to increase your value.

The name of game today is value…..how do you contribute to the marketplace? Here are fifteen ways to increase your market value: 1. Become a resource for others 2. Connect people to help them grow their networks and business 3. Continuously add new skills to your inventory…i.e. programming, certifications 4. Write a blog 5. Know... Read more »

Unemployment Blues....there's hope!

Last night I facilitated a group of 12 professionals going through career transition. They were probably the most fearful, negative group I’d seen. I could feel the bad energy as each of them arrived…. bringing their own sad tale of being downsized or fired. On top of everything else, the video equipment decided not to... Read more »

Must Know Network Stats

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22 More Personal Branding Tips

22 More Personal Branding Tips 1. Learn to tell great stories-people remember great storytellers 2. Before you completely lose your temper, take three deep breathes. 3. Laugh more often 4. Challenge your brain – read, read, read 5. Be grateful for your talents 6. “Make a dent in the universe”….Steve Jobs 7. Allow yourself quiet... Read more »

Strategic Networking Tips #2

Once upon a time there was a business professional who went to lots of networking events and didn’t feel like she was getting any return for her time investment. She came to this realization one day when she was cleaning off her desk and noticed the tiny stack of business cards she’d been collecting. She... Read more »

Working silently is making us deaf!

I’m sitting in a Panera’s like I do at least 3 times a week. I have my Air Book, smartphone, Kindle, ipod, and earphones. There are five other people at different tables near me. We are all wearing headsets, pounding away on keyboards and you can hear a pin drop……. Sometimes I think we’re so... Read more »

The Art of Small Talk...How to Build Rapport

The amount of time you invest in building a strong rapport with your prospects and clients is the best investment you’ll ever make . The stronger your relationship with your clients the more they trust and relay on you. Crucial to forming these connections is beginning the building process. For some people it’s easy to... Read more »

How to Master Face-to-Face Business Conversations

I have had several “missions” in my life.  Over the years, I’ve taken on saving the adverb, reinventing networking and spreading the word about career management.  I’m proud to report that the adverb is thriving, networking is becoming more adventurous and career management is growing.  My latest mission is to bring back the art of... Read more »

Four Strategies to Successfully Reinvent Yourself

If you think that your current job will last forever and you can retire from it in twenty years, think again!  The days of any company “taking care of you” are long gone.  Holding a job for more than 5 years is a triumph these days.  The job market is changing very quickly as companies... Read more »