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Career Reinvention Tips - 25 Action Items That Really Work

  For those of us in the midst of a life or career reinvention, trail tips are always welcome.  Learning from other’s experiences helps make our changes a little easier.  Knowing that other professionals have survived career and life reinventions provides us with hope that we can move through major changes and be successful.  Here... Read more »

Boomers: "We're not dead yet!" (Monty Python is alive & well)

Our generation is the first to look “aging” directly in the eye and say “no way”!  Many of us feel as much as 15 years younger than we really are.  The fallacy of youth could be draining of us of joy and spirit.  Personally, I’m all for flattering lighting and photo touching for headshots.  I’m... Read more »

Remember when we thought we could change the world?  Do you remember the optimism we felt and the hope we had?   Remember how invincible we felt?  And then something called “real life” hit and our “strawberry fields forever” turned to “rock-a-bye-baby” and “just another brick in the wall”.  The Vietnam War pulled many of us... Read more »

I love you, Aunt Jean - RIP

        My Aunt Jean died today.  She was my Mother’s younger sister….the seventh of eight children.  She was a Mom to six great kids.  I remember her being perpetually pregnant and working on the Nebraska “home place” farm with her husband, Bernard.  She was jolly and giving and beautiful both inside and... Read more »

Five Ways to Start Your Career Reinvention

Take a deep breath.  Career reinventions are usually thrust on us.  We normally don’t wake up one day and say “Hey, I think I’ll turn my life upside down and change.”  Unfortunately loss triggers a career transition…company downsizing, mergers or acquisition with new management.  Most of us want to hide in our cubes and hope... Read more »

Sitting on our arses is killing us. Here's why.

  How many hours a day do you spend sitting?  According to American Journal of Epidemiology those of us who sit more than 6 hours a day have 40% greater risk of diabetes and heart disease.  The human body wasn’t meant to sit for hours on end.  The body was designed for movement and activity.  Our... Read more »

Don't dismiss suicide's why

Here’s a very important piece of life information. If someone talks about committing suicide, there’s a 99% chance they’ll do it.  I speak from experience.  My husband killed himself on July 1, 1991.  He had been laid off and was ill with kidney disease.  He’s always said that he didn’t want to live to be... Read more »

Multi-tasking is a fallacy - here's why

What happens when you have fifteen projects going on a one time?  Usually nothing much because you’re always flipping from one task to the next.  Multi-tasking  has been touted as a skill that’s needed to survive today.  Running around “doing stuff” is just that….doing stuff.  People confuse activity with results. It seems like we’re busy,... Read more »

Chicago-City of Broad Shoulders

  In the 1970’s and 80’s businesses made giving back to society a part of their business plan.  I worked for a small training company in San Francisco in 1990 and we give 15% of our profits to local charities.  It was a great selling point and clients admired our commitment.  Our pricing was very... Read more »

Take the Lead!

  Once upon a time, there were a large number of babies that were born between 1946 and 1964 in the US.  I was one of those babies.  I was born in 1949.  This group is known as the baby boomers.  There are 76 million people in the boomer generation.  We were kids when President... Read more »