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11 Little Things You Can Do That Make a Huge Impact

The little actions you take every day have a HUGE impact on your world.  The energy and goodness you put out affects everything around you.  Here are a few things are you do that bring big rewards: Smile more Tell people they’re doing a good job….when they do a good job Show empathy Keep your... Read more »

16 ways you know you’re ready to face the world!

I’ve always had this sinking feeling that one of these days people would find out how much I don’t know and call me out as a fraud.   So, I decided to develop a list of ways that would help me know when I was ready.  I wanted to share them with you….I decided I only... Read more »

23 tips to create a brilliant brand for you and your small business

Branding you and company is essential in today’s marketplace.  Why?  Because YOU are the product and like any product on the market you want to market you and your company through a strong branding program.  Branding establishes your image with your clients.  Branding tells your customer what value you bring and how you can help... Read more »

What it’s like to hit rock bottom - My victory over booze.

The first drink I ever had was a rum and coke.  The drink was horribly sweet and strong.   Once the booze hit me I was hooked.  I was fifteen.  I knew that alcoholism ran in my family.  My great grandfather was a “dreamer and big drinker” according to my Mother.  She’s heard stories about him... Read more »

Your Powerful Linkedin Profile

You have a very powerful marketing tool that you’re probably not even aware of.  If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of professionals signed up on Linkedin you know that the program provides a section to create a profile for yourself .  I suggest that you take another look at your profile and rethink... Read more »

2014 is the year of the product....YOU are the product.

2014 is the year of the product and YOU are the product!  Don’t let this concept scare you.  To understand and believe that you are the product and an asset in today’s marketplace puts you in a very powerful place.  Being powerful gives you an advantage.  Here are three ways to capitalize on your newfound... Read more »

Moms are the best Christmas gift!

My gift to you this Christmas season is the opportunity to get to know my Mom, Rita Echternacht.  I consider this blog a gift because all Moms are one of the most precious gifts we’ll get in our lifetime.  Moms are in our lives for all kinds of reasons. Beyond giving us life and teaching... Read more »

Online Branding is a MUST!

Five Online Branding Tips for Small Businesses

1. Create an easy-to-understand marketing message that tells your clients what’s “in it for them”.  Clearly explain the benefits of doing business with you. 2. Consistently spread your message through at least three online channels:  LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging, Facebook are some of your choices.  Post something at least once a week.  Providing your customers with... Read more »

Is Your Career Stalled?

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If your career is stuck in neutral….DO something about it….Take Back Your Career!