YOU are the product and I'm here to help you promote your product. I'm a personal branding expert who's been rightsized, undersized downsized and oversized. I know firsthand how to incorporate positive change and make change work for you and your organization.

I know the SECRETS of winning the reinvention game. I'll help you develop and promote a winning brand so that you increase your competitive edge in today's changing workplace. Learn how to maximize your winning strategies.

There IS a better way to get what you want!

Contact me at jan.highgainco@gmail.com or 630-299-9927

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    Jan Marino

    YOU are the product. YOU are valuable. YOU are on a mission and I can help guide you become even more successful. I know how to develop an dynamic personal brand. I'm the manager of the Linkedin Chicago group (87,000 members). I'm a business owner-High Gain Companies, Inc. I've worked for several large corporations including Octel and Bank of America. I've been down-sized, right-sized, over-sized and under- sized What does this mean for you? It means I can be a resource for you-I share everything tip and lesson I've learned in my blogs. Enjoy!

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