Career Reinvention Tips - 25 Action Items That Really Work



For those of us in the midst of a life or career reinvention, trail tips are always welcome.  Learning from other’s experiences helps make our changes a little easier.  Knowing that other professionals have survived career and life reinventions provides us with hope that we can move through major changes and be successful.  Here are twenty-five tips that I’ve collected. Try to incorporate some of them into your reinvention:

  1. If you don’t like your life or career situation, change it!
  2. Keep your resume updated
  3. Decide what career reinvention means to you so you’ll know why you’re reinventing
  4. Find an accountability partner to keep you focused
  5. Join Linkedin and use it
  6. Determine where you will be when your reinvention is completed
  7. Plan your reinvention and set milestones
  8. Understand why you’re reinventing yourself and what you’ll gain
  9. Talk to others who have successfully reinvented themselves
  10. Get really clear about what you want from your career and why
  11. Make it happen!  Take action today.
  12. Set weekly goals and track your successes
  13. Get into physical shape
  14. Start keeping a daily diary of your reinvention adventures
  15. Help someone else who’s going through a life change
  16. Make a list of your life accomplishments
  17. Start by making small changes
  18. Focus and attack
  19. Figure out what motivates you
  20. Expand your network by one connection a month
  21. Volunteer and give back to your community
  22. Believe that you’re successful
  23. Rediscover what makes your heart sing
  24. Remember to breathe and then take a giant step forward
  25. Keep moving forward toward your goal



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