Boomers: What to do before reality hits



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What is the new reality for many baby boomers today?  For some, it’s exactly as they expected it to be.  They worked for the same company for thirty-five years and retired with enough savings to live comfortably.  For others, turning 65 isn’t the magic age when the switch flips and you kick back.  Many boomers are discovering that retirement as defined by our parents’ generation isn’t what they’re getting or what they want.

Before reality sets in let’s see what we’re looking at:  the reality of age discrimination in the workplace, the reality of finances, the reality of health,  the reality of unfinished business.   Reality has a sneaky way of staying around when it’s not wanted.  Reality won’t let us alone even though we run from it.  Eventually we turn around and look reality straight on and face what scares us most.  When we get to that point we are able to regroup.  Here are a few regrouping tips:

  • Be proactive.  It’s never too late to open up yourself to new ideas and opportunities.  I always remind myself that I’ve through much worse than this temporary situation and I’ll figure out a way to handle it.
  • Ask for help.  Find your local career center and use their services.  Getting connected with new professionals helps you retain your visibility.  You are always in job search mode in this new reality
  • Take online courses or courses at a community college to update your skills i.e. social media, coding, blogging.  The better your technical skills are the more in demand you’ll be.  You already have the experience, people skills and emotional intelligence that businesses need.
  • Become accountable for your health.  Begin an exercise program and eat more fruits and vegetables.  What you look like and how you feel affect your confidence.  Your confidence dictates how you carry yourself and present to others.   The more active and healthy you are the better you age…..we’re all aging and that’s a reality that very hard for us boomers.  Face lifts, nips, tucks, brownish orange hair may work in Hollywood however, it doesn’t play every well in the real workplace.  We need skilled mature workers who can be free agents and complete assignments on time and under budget.

In this new economy there’s a place and purpose for all of us.  I’ll tackle the other important reality in my next blog:  disrupting business hiring














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