Surprising Things Successful Leaders do



Every day there are thousands of blogs telling us about ultra successful leaders.  They seem to have supernaturals powers that puts them in a category the rest of us mere mortals can only dream about.  Realizing we probably weren't getting the full picture of ultra leaders, I've investigated and found the following additional traits.  For instance did you know they:

  • Talk out loud to themselves
  • Color outside the lines when coloring in their coloring book
  • Wear mismatched socks
  • Are always hungry
  • Watch The Little Rascals
  • Own a car named “Madeline”
  • Have never read “50 Shades of Anything”
  • Snore when really tired
  • Have used illegal drugs…only 3 times
  • Cheat when working the crossword
  • Know all the words from “The Music Man
  • Really believe that weeds are “volunteers”
  • Love kale
  • Forget why they came to a meeting
  • Blamed their brother when the dog got lost
  • Hold in their stomach when giving a speech
  • Never use the word “pivot"
  • End sentences in a preposition
  • Use adverb correctly
  • Fluently speak pig latin
  • Has never worn a single digit size anything
  • Has a tat

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