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Remember when we thought we could change the world?  Do you remember the optimism we felt and the hope we had?   Remember how invincible we felt?  And then something called “real life” hit and our “strawberry fields forever” turned to “rock-a-bye-baby” and “just another brick in the wall”.  The Vietnam War pulled many of us into adulthood.  So did landing on the moon, Tricky Dick Nixon, women’s lib, war on poverty.  Now we’re thirty to forty years older and much wiser (OK, not all, but pretty many of us are somewhat wiser and not as arrogant as we used to be).

We’re also much more powerful.  Boomers control 70% of the US disposable income and stand to inherit trillions from our parents. We also possess a great deal of personal power.  By that I mean how you see yourself and think about yourself.  Personal power is important because it defines who you are as a human being.  It’s how you define yourself and the contributions you make to the world.  Unfortunately we tend to give away our personal power…to our family, our careers, our friends…Our generation has been striving to keep everyone around us living the American dream.  Part of that dream is that when we turned 65, we would quietly retire, take up golf, move someplace warm and let the rest of the world go on without us.  NOT.

Boomers don’t want to be pushed into retirement or anything else.  We will be working well into our seventies and eighties as we continue to age well.  We don’t accept aging rules of the past.  Today’s technology can tighten, straighten or un-sag anything….if you’re got the cash, there’s a procedure for it.

Every day I get hundreds of comments from Boomers in the job search process who are continuously being told “you’re not flexible enough to relocate”,  “your skills sets are outdated” ….in other words…”we don’t want you!”  Somehow we need to break through this noise and tell others and ourselves that we’re valuable, powerful and “not dead yet”!


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