4 Ways to Help Start Your Business Reinvention





If you’re like most of us, just the thought of changing or reinventing your business is mindboggling.  The first question that usually pops into our minds is “where do I start”?

  • Barry Saltzman, CEO and Founder of Saltzman Group corporate coaching expert explains that “it is imperative by starting with your customers and your employees.”  He explains that beginning by “asking customers what is working well for them and then ask where they see room for improvement.”  He says the next step is to use this same approach with your employees.
  • Sometimes we “think” we know all there is to know about our businesses, services, products, values, and morale; however, reality is often very different.
  • Armed with this information, you can assess the data and prioritize what issues need to be addressed first.  The key to this step is over-communicating with both customers and employees.  Let them know what’s been uncovered and be honest about what it will take to remedy things.  Warning:  Try not to start a “blame game”!  Reinvention and change never come about because someone got “thrown under the bus”.
  • Another suggestion to help ensure that your reinvention is successful is to talk to other businesses who have gone through the process.  You don’t need to go through the reinvention by yourself.  Others who have been successful are more than willing help so that you don’t make the same mistakes…you get to make a few of your own.  This concept may sound very Pollyanna but “the times they are achangin” and that’s what change and reinvention are all about….it’s called collaborating and it works!

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