4 Reasons We Hate Change

Businesswoman Using Laptop

This is the time of year when we make and maybe quickly break resolutions.  Resolutions about managing our time, losing weight, getting a new job, breaking off an unhealthy relationship, getting our bodies and minds back into shape…..the list is endless and our intentions are good.  Making resolutions makes us feel better.  Committing to making changes feels like we’re giving ourselves new life….new direction…new focus.  Sounds really good, huh?   Then reality sets in and we realize resolutions require behavior change.  This is when we also discover just how much we hate change:

  • We’d rather operate with the terrible situation we know than risk the unknown.  We’ll stay in terrible jobs and unhealthy relationships because it’s a pain we know…remember, life is too short to be miserable and unhappy.
  • Change is hard work.  We’re used to putting our dollar in the machine and “presto” we get our product.  There’s hardly ever a “presto” moment in the change process.  However, the results of change last a lot longer than that $1 candy bar!
  • Making changes is uncomfortable and scary.  Making adjustments to ourselves is admitting that we’re not perfect.  Facing reality makes most of us uncomfortable.  The truth is that unless we face our demons we’ll never improve, but it’s a choice…..your choice.
  • Change requires persistence.  The old adage “if at first you don’t success….try, try again” is particularly true when it comes to reinvention.  Change may lead you to completely unknown life experiences so the more persistent you are the more wonderful experiences you’ll have.

Change is good for the soul even though it scares us to death.

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