Four More Reinvention Tips That REALLY Work

Businesspeople Running Towards Finish LineThank you all for the continuous stream of great questions about reinventing your life and career.  Here are practical and really work.  Whether you realize it of not, you’re always in some form of transition because circumstances in your life and job change.  These changes are usually small and you can adjust quickly.  However, when the major stuff happens, you want an arsenal of mechanisms that truly help.  Keep these in mind because sooner or later you’ll need them:

Keep your resume and personal video updated.  Keeping your resume updated gives you a head start on your competition.  Always add your latest accomplishments to your resume.  If you don’t have a video interview of yourself, create one today.  Simply ask a colleague or one of your children to shoot a 60-90 second video of you introducing yourself and giving two or three sentences about how you add value and impact the bottom line.

Commit to building a network with connections outside of your industry.  This is critical because reinventions are all about options…you want all the options you can get.  Concentrate on branching out to industries that are complementary to yours i.e. vendors, clients, and alliance partners.  Knowing people in other industries widens your horizons and makes you a more well rounded professional.  Stay in touch with your key contacts and become a resource for them.

Foster business relationships with organizations who provide short-term and consulting services.  The world of work is rapidly moving toward short gigs and projects.  Become familiar with the term “free agency” which was coined by author Dan Pink in his book “Free Agent Nation.”  Being a free agent means that you’re responsible for managing your career and mastering the art of developing streams of income.  You will be doing a project for one company while working with a virtual team on another project and continuously developing new business prospects.

Introduce change into your life now.  Take a different route home twice a week.  Break up your routine and force yourself to do things tat take you out of your comfort zone.  Learn to speak Spanish or try learning to write code.  Becoming more confortable with change is essential.  We all try to avoid it like the plague however; the only way we learn is by experimenting and making mistakes.  Try to make really big, grand, original mistakes and be proud of them!  It means you’re well on your way to a brilliant reinvention!

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