5 reinvention tips that really work!

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Many of us are in the midst of life and career transitions.  Many of us are lost in these transitions.  Many of us need help…and if you’re like me you won’t ask for help because you’re pretty sure you can figure it out by yourself.  Please save yourself some time and use these tips.  They work and they’re practical.

  1. Lose the victim mentality….things are ever changing so don’t fight it.  Become a person who makes change work for them  - a survivor and that’s what you want to be…a survivor and a thriver.  Being open to change and “newness” is the key to a successful career reinvention.  Determine what you can and cannot control.  Discovering that the only thing you really control is how you react to situations gives you freedom
  • Live like you’re going to lose your job every day.  That may sound crazy.  It’s not.  Believe me you want to be prepared for the layoff when it occurs.  And remember that just because you’ve been laid off once, doesn’t mean it won’t happen again.  It will…again, believe me.  So, having a plan of action helps you keep anxiety at a decent level.  Operating like a “free agent” is key.  Free agency means that you are responsible for your career.  You are constantly branding and marketing yourself
  • YOU are the product so figure out what your features and benefits are.  How do you impact the bottom line i.e. increase revenues, decrease costs….Take time to document your accomplishments and be as specific as possible.  This is the time to boast about your value and what you contribute.
  • Network forever and PLEASE don’t let your network dwindle.  Foster strong business connections and stay active.  Become a resource for your contacts and continuously help them become more successful…build good business karma.
  • Educate yourself continuously.  Take online courses and commit to trying to keep up with technology as realistically as you can.  Your brain doesn’t stop working after the age of 50….contrary to some opinions.  We continue to contribute well into our 80’s and 90’s…the marketplace needs your talents and ideas.  Reinvent or die!

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