Sitting on our arses is killing us. Here's why.


Businesswoman Using LaptopHow many hours a day do you spend sitting?  According to American Journal of Epidemiology those of us who sit more than 6 hours a day have 40% greater risk of diabetes and heart disease.  The human body wasn’t meant to sit for hours on end.  The body was designed for movement and activity.  Our organs and mind are fine tuned for maximum performance when we use all of our facilities.  Sitting at a desk or table staring at a computer screen uses less than 2% of our body and sometimes that’s also true of our minds.

What does sitting all day long mean for you?  Inactivity idles your body’s engine.  Your metabolism rate remains low so your blood sugar is high and triglycerides—a fat in the blood is elevated and can also affect heart health.  We get so wrapped up in meetings, conference calls, more meetings and checking emails that we forget two things…standing up and moving around.

Here’s what I’m doing to remind myself to move around more often.  I’ve put notes on my calendar every two hours to get up and walk around.  Something as simple as walking around your office, walking up and down the stairs, stretching enough tapping your feet and standing up and sitting down several times is enough to get your engine running and signaling your system to kick into gear.

I’ll leave you with a great anonymous quote.  “You can't leave footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave butt prints in the sands of time?”  Let’s get off our respective arses and move it!


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