Take Back Your Health...NOW!

I’m very serious about taking back my health.  Something happens to us when we reach a certain age and gravity it’s our friend anymore.  If you’re like me you face challenges head-on.  So when I began noticing unwanted droops and mental lapses I went into “mission” mode.

After consulting with my doctor, I’ve decided to focus on three healthy habit basics:  hydrating, breathing and exercising.  I chose these because I knew I could make small yet significant changes and make them habits rather than “have to” activities.  Experience has taught me that makes small changes works because I’m not overwhelmed with too much at once.  Experience has also taught me that measuring small successes adds up to HUGE changes as momentum increases. Businessman with Bullhorn

Hydrating means drinking lots of water.  It means having a glass of water at your side at all times.  I’ve found that drinking a glass of water every half hour keeps me feeling full and promotes weight loss.   I like water because it’s economical and a little slice of lemon is always a refreshing treat.

Breathing means life.  I really never thought much about breathing until I started the journey to improve my health.  I always took breathing “in and out” for granted.  Take a minute right now, close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  This is a great technique to use when you’re angry and stressed.  Focusing on your breath calms you down and triggers a relaxation response in your brain.  I’ve also been using a breathing device to strengthen my lungs and increase oxygenation. Breathslim is a personal training device that has helped me learn to relax and reduce my anxiety levels.  The other really great thing about Breathslim is that it’s made right here in Chicago!  It’s easy to use and it’s quickly become part of my nightly routine.

Walking is my exercise of choice because I love to walk…especially early in the morning.    Lots of ideas are generated, business problems solved and world peace is possible when I walk.  I believe that I benefit more mentally from walking than I do physically.  There’s something very transformational that happens when you get your body moving and your brain joins in and your spirit comes along for the ride!

I’ll continue to keep you posted on how my health journey is going and what I accomplish.  If you make the same decision to “Take Back Your Health” let me know what you’re doing and your results….I’ll share your insights here in the blog.



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