3 Linkedin Super Tips


  1. Update your profile every quarter.  Linkedin notifies your connections of the update which increases your visibility.  TIP - Make a note on your calendar for June 1, September 2 and December 1 to remind yourself to make updatesj0433179
  2. Write your profile in the first person…i.e. I am a financial professional who focuses….This style makes your profile more personal and inviting.  Keep your reader in mind and think about what would make you read a profile.  Remember that we’ll all tuned into the same radio station:  WII-FM (What’s In It For Me).   Tell the reader how you can help them.  TIP – Compose a two-sentence description of who you are and what you offer.  Use this for your profile and also as your networking introduction.
  3. Join at least three groups.  Research groups that are focused on your industry.  The real power of Linkedin is fully realized when you participate in group discussions.  You build your credibility and visibility by asking and answering questions.  Ask questions that provoke the reader to think and also engages them. Here are a couple of questions for you to try out:  “What trends are you seeing in your business?”  or “How do you engage your customers?”  TIP – Schedule 30 minutes to research and choose three groups to join.  Try them out for 30 days and post a question a week.   If these groups aren’t active or your questions don’t catch on, try other groups.



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