What Business Courage Looks Like

It takes more courage than ever to be in business today.  How do I know that?  Because I own a small business and I have to be brave every day.  Some days, just getting out of bed is the bravest thing to do.  When I started my business seven years ago, I had panic attacks because I was SO scared of failing.  I wasted so much precious time worrying about stuff I had no control over that I made myself sick.  In an effort to save you from making the same mistakes, here are some trail trips to help you become brave and sane as well:

  • Believing in yourself and the services you offer takes discipline and discipline requires mega courage.   When you start losing faith in yourself, call one of your supporters and ask for a pep talk…..if you don’t have supporters, develop them NOW.
  • Get plenty of physical exercise.  I walk five miles a day.  Walks keep me fit and smart.  Exercise keeps your brain fresh.  There’s nothing worse than a stale brain.  You’ll need to keep your ideas flowing and moving your body around does that for you.   Businessman with Bullhorn
  • Surround yourself with people who compliment your skills.  I’m not a detail person…hate ‘em.  However, I need someone to take care of things like billing and databases.  That’s where my husband comes in.  He’s very detail focused so between the two of us, we have a well-balanced person business who’s a snappy dresser!
  • Discover and develop your story about why your company and service is unique in the marketplace.  This is your story and you want to tell it every time someone asks about your company.  Make your story interesting, short and fun.
  • Stay in touch with your clients.  Send them pertinent articles about their industry, recommend them to others, become a resource and help make them more successful.

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