16 ways you know you’re ready to face the world!

I’ve always had this sinking feeling that one of these days people would find out how much I don’t know and call me out as a fraud.   So, I decided to develop a list of ways that would help me know when I was ready.  I wanted to share them with you….I decided I only needed to choose four of five of them…you can choose as many as you like.

You know you’re ready to face the world when you...

  1.  Trust yourself and your intuition
  2.  Don’t live in “should be’s”
  3. Know you’re doing your best
  4. Give and not expect to receive
  5. Know that you are more than you thought you were
  6. Acknowledge your personal power
  7. Can ”make it up as you go along” and not worry
  8. Know the only thing you control is between your ears
  9. Like yourself every second of everyday
  10. Not afraid of screwing up
  11. Know your value
  12. Don’t take any crap from anyone….. it’s not that you’re always right…it’s that you stand your ground
  13. Understand karma
  14. Comfortable with rapid, crazy change       
  15. Embrace age and wisdom
  16. Mentor othersshutterstock_85041310

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