The Sexy Business Attitude in Chicago

I’ve lived in a boatload of cities:  Omaha, Houston, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Cincinnati and now Chicago.  I can tell you with great authority and experience that Chicago has by far THE sexiest business attitude of all of them….I didn’t say “sexist”. I said “sexiest”.  It’s edgy, innovative, strong, determined, community oriented, and last but not least….it’s Midwestern.  There’s something very sexy about being a Midwesterner.  We have a strong-work ethic attitude…..that’s sexy.  We are honest and straight forward…that’s sexy.  We know how to make lots of money….that’s sexy.  We are smart and well educated…that’s sexy.  Eighty-nine thousand of these sexy Chicagoans belong to Linked’N Chicago which makes them doubly sexy!!!

Luke is a good example.  He’s an Army veteran who was at the Pentagon the morning of 9/11.  He personally saved many lives by getting personnel out of the build shortly after the crash.  Ryan retired from the Army and went into the business world as a PR professional.  You’d never know he’s a hero.  He’s quiet and very polite.  When he finally does speak he always has something powerful to say.  He contributes to our community by setting an example of how to represent yourself in service to others.Businesspeople Running Towards Finish Line

Meet Jennifer.  She’s currently working as a receptionist, but she’s building her website design business on the side.  Jennifer knew she couldn’t just set up shop in downtown Chicago.  Jennifer is learning what her market needs and values.  She is a millennial and she’s working with a mentor who she met at a Llinked’N Chicago event.  Her mentor is helping her make better business connections.  Mentoring is another way Chicago business personals are sexy….it’s all about community and helping others becoming successful. PH01629J

Then there’s the best story of all….meet Mary McFarlin.  She is the founder and CEO of Linked’N Chicago.  Several years ago Mary formed one of the first Linkedin discussion groups.  Today, there are 89K members and we keep growing.  Mary has build the largest locale based Linkedin group in the universe and that’s sexy.  The Linked’N Chicago community is vibrant and churning with greats of opportunities.

Wanna experience the Chicago sexy business attitude?  Attend one of our monthly networking events and meet the sexiest professionals with attitude you’ll ever meet.  We look forward to working with all of you!

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