23 tips to create a brilliant brand for you and your small business

Branding you and company is essential in today's marketplace.  Why?  Because YOU are the product and like any product on the market you want to market you and your company through a strong branding program.  Branding establishes your image with your clients.  Branding tells your customer what value you bring and how you can help them solve their problems.  Here are several tips I've learned during my ten year career as a small business owner.  These have helped me and I hope they help you too:MP910220821

Know what you’re good at

Understand why you clients value you and your business

Clearly define why you and your business are unique

Let your clients know how you solve their problems

Live your values – reflect them in your business

Produce and deliver only the best quality services and products

Respect your employees and your client

Contribute to your industry by actively participating in industry association

Update your website twice a year

Survey your clients regularly to discover what they really want and need

Get out of your office and go visit clients regularly

Mentor your top employee performers

Become the leader in your industry by tracking trends and educating others

Build strong alliances with companies who can help you and visa versa

Don’t burn bridges….the globe is getting smaller all the time.

Educate other industries about your products and services….synergies are a good thing!

Set the example by your actions.  Teach your employees to do the same.

Learn how to program….it’s going to come in very handy!

Surround yourself with people who compliment your skills.  Good team members can make or break you.

Widen your vocabulary…..use adverbs tenaciously,  powerfully and gracious

Invest in a GREAT headshot and update it every two years

Check your LinkedIn account once a day.  Participate in at least three groups

Be positive especially if you’re having a bad day…people pick up your energy and you want to be remembered for your happiness not your crabbiness!

Bonus tip – Remember, YOU are the product.  Brand yourself brilliantly so people will remember you in a positive way.




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