Little ity bity, teeny, tiny reinvention tips

The reinvention process involves change.  I've learned that if I start with huge impossible changes, I won't follow through.....I'll be disappointed and crabby.  In an effort to keep you from becoming crabby, I'm recommending small, minute changes that will help you get used to change.  Then when the day comes that you get fired or your spouse leaves you for some young android or whatever it is that life has in store for you, you'll be somewhat ready!


Take a different way home today and enjoy the scenery!

Take the stairs today instead of the elevator

Update your resume

Invest in a new headshot

Meditate for 7 minutes

Buy a stranger a cup of coffee

Say “thank you” to every one who provides you with great customer service

Send a friend a hand-written thank you note.

Turn your cellphone off for one hour today.

Read a poem

Call an elderly relative “just because you can”

Listen to a piece of classical music

Start your day with five minutes of thankfulness

Try to help your kids with their homework even though you don’t understand anything they’re talking about

Don’t turn the TV on

Listen very intentionally to everyone who speaks to you

Commit to smiling more

Make a snow angel in your front yard

Pay the toll for the car behind you

Eat two pieces of fresh fruit every day this week

Wear mismatched socks….it won’t kill you.

Update your Linkedin profile

Get out of your cubicle or office at least six times today

Learn and tell a new joke - sorry I haven't heard any good new jokes lately....but it's on my list....maybe next week!

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