Jimmy Greenfield is a good guy

The nicest and most unexpected thing happened to me today and I wanted to share it with you.  I’m a writer.  I write because it keeps me sane….especially during winters like this.  I hardly ever get paid to write, but that’s OK.  I write because I know I’m good and I know have something to contribute.IMAG0389

Last week was one of the worst weeks of my life.  Between my Mom’s sudden death in October and overall lack of sunny weather, my psyche has been under bombardment.  By Thursday of last week, it was so bad that I went to bed and slept for three days.  My therapist warns me if I go over five days….I need to spring into action.  I know I’m bipolar and I’m also a recovering alcoholic.  Put those two diseases together and you usually have one huge train wreck!  Thank heaven I have three things going for me that help keep me from driving off a cliff:

I’m a Midwesterner

I was raised Catholic (not practicing)

I know Jimmy Greenfield (not well, but that’s OK)

Today all of these factors came together in one perfect moment.  I got a note from Jimmy about a blog I had written yesterday.  He said he enjoyed it very much.  I was so flattered and pleased that I instantly dismissed my midwestern inner voice saying, “don’t let it go to your head!” and my stern Catholic voice singing “Jimmy really had nothing better to do today than read your puny blog.”

Thank you Mr. Greenfield for taking time to tell this writer she “did good.”

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