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You have a very powerful marketing tool that you’re probably not even aware of.  If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of professionals signed up on Linkedin you know that the program provides a section to create a profile for yourself .  I suggest that you take another look at your profile and rethink how to use it to build your online brand .  Businessman with Bullhorn

Your Linkedin profile is your online marketing brochure so you want it to highlight your value.  Your Linkedin profile is NOT your resume.   The average resume is dull, boring and generally uninteresting.  You don’t want to be dull, boring and uninteresting.  You want to  show why you’re a valuable resource - why you’re unique and how you can solve problems.

Here are three ways to make your profile shine:

  • Create a profile that’s interesting.  Develop something that people will want to read.
  • Using bullet points makes for easier reading.   Short, concise statements gets your point across  clearly.   Use numbers or percentages to illustrate savings,  sales increases,  increased productivity.
  • Steer away from using  phrases like “was responsible for”.  Talk about the results you accomplished i.e. “Introduced new product which increased revenues by $150K annually”.

Update your profile quarterly.  Remember your profile is a marketing piece for you and you want to increase your visibility.  Changing your profile generates a notice to all your first level connections that you’ve updated information.

In today’s career marketplace, YOU are the product and you want to continuously show your value.  Career transitions have become very commonplace.  Jobs come and go so you want to build a strong personal brand and continuously reinvent yourself.

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