8 Business Reinvention Tips

Start writing a monthly blog about trends you are seeing in your industry.  Educating your audience helps you become a resource to them.   They will begin to view you as an expert.  MP900439345


Select your top five customers and meet with them quarterly to learn more about their business and how you can help them be more successful.


Manage for wandering around  and talking to your employees.  Be visible and build your team through example.



Flatten your internal management model as much as possible.


Commit to making everyone in your company responsible for sales and customer service…help them understand how they contribute to the organization’s success.


Clearly communicate with every employee on a regular basis….people don’t respond well to be treated like mushrooms and left in the dark.


Develop and retain strategic alliances with partners who complement your product/services.  This positions you for more business opportunities.


Encourage and reward employees who reduce costs, develop time-saving processes or increase sales.


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