Five Online Branding Tips for Small Businesses

1. Create an easy-to-understand marketing message that tells your clients what’s “in it for them”.  Clearly explain the benefits of doing business with you.
Businessman with Bullhorn2. Consistently spread your message through at least three online channels:  LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging, Facebook are some of your choices.  Post something at least once a week.  Providing your customers with tips on how to increase productivity or save money works well because you’re providing value and it’s not a hard sell.  Talk about trends you see in your industry and become a resource for clients.
3.Choose someone in your organization who knows your business and writes well to be your social media guru.  Look for someone on your team who is close to your customers and understands relationship building.
Your best advertisement is a happy customer….ask for testimonials and share them with your prospects.

4. Use loads of photos in your online campaign….pictures of your products, team, customers, etc.  You can also use stock photos depicting your industry.

5. Make your online branding interesting and fun to read.  People like to be entertained as well as educated.  Show the human side of you and your business.

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