15 Actions You Must Take To Get A Job Today

Find 20 jobs online that you qualify for.   Read each one of them carefully and notice descriptors, industry jargon etc. that appears in more then three jobs.  Incorporate these words into your resume and use them in your LinkedIn Profile and Summary.  These are the “key” words that recruiters and organizations look for when culling through resumes.shutterstock_85041310

Invest in a good headshot. Go to a professional photographer and have several poses done.  It’ll be the best $200 you’ll spend!

Take a copy of your resume….crumple it up and then tear it into pieces.  You’re doing this so you won’t copy your resume onto your LinkedIn profile.

Select 25 target companies.  Research contacts you have in these companies.  Your goal is to establish at least five contacts per company i.e. someone in HR, someone in Sales, someone in IT, etc.

Make a list of 100 people you know.  If you don’t know 100 people…..that’s your goal.  Then check with these people to see if they know anyone in one of your target companies…if so, ask for an introduction. Remember, you’re still in research mode, so PLEASE don’t ask for a job!

Everyone you meet is a networking contact

It’s not about you….it’s all about how can you help the other person….this is called “building trust”….something we’ve forgotten…IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM!

Discover the power of LinkedIn.  Complete your profile.  Join at least three industry-specific groups and participate in discussions.

All your online activity builds your personal brand.

Discover what skills you need to upgrade and do something about it

Volunteer to charity…giving back helps you morale.

Start a blog and get your thoughts and idea out into the universe.

Meditate ten minutes a day….it keeps you centered and sane

Don’t be grumpy…nobody wants to hang around with the grump.

Repeat until you secure your next gig




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