Why we spend more on our pets than we do on our careers.

MP900178657Just about everyone I know has a pet.  We have a dog.  Casey’s a mutt we got at the human society ten years ago.   She’s a shepherd / akita mix so I refer to her as a “shepkita”.  At last count Casey had at least ten toys that she carries around the basement.  I’d estimate we’ve spent $300 on toys, play bones, pill pockets and dog beds over the past years.   She also pulled her ACL’s and had to have those replaced and she’s epileptic so there’s loads of medication.  I put my foot down when the vet wanted to clean her teeth!


I love my dog.  She gives me unconditional affection, thinks I’m a genius and gets excited each and every time I walk in the door.  She doesn’t think I’m inept, stupid or not good enough.  She doesn’t compare me to others.  She doesn’t say I’m too old or too fat.  She loves me just what way I am


I’m a career management professional.  Just about everyone I work with has a career and they also have pets.   I know these people because I volunteered at our local community career center and also work with the Wounded Warrior Project.   One thing I realized that all these job searchers had in common was the belief that a substantial investment in themselves and their careers wasn’t worth it.


During the last eight years, I’ve come to understand that we humans love our animals more than ourselves.  We are willing to pay inordinate amounts of money to tamper and take care of our pets.  Yet, we wouldn’t think of taking that same care of ourselves.  We won’t invest in training classes to keep us updated on technology.  We shy away from buying a book written about successful career transitions.  We stay in really bad jobs because we’re afraid the alternative might be worse.


What would happen if we started loving ourselves as much or more than we love your pets?  How would you feel if you believed you are a genius….you are good enough?  Where could you take your career is you had confidence and commitment?


I double dog dare you to love yourself…..to take your career as far as you can…to claim your success!







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