18 things to do when you get the SH....kicked out of you!

Last week was one those “if I ever have another one of these weeks, I’ll crumble into a heap of utter despair and hopelessness"…..yes, on hindsight it was that bad. As business owners we know that things don’t always go the way they want them to….these “bumps in the road” always involve people….god, if we just didn’t have to deal with people and their stupid frailties, moods, egos, disappointments and petty hangups…. ..and those belong to the business owner! Multiply that mess by the number of employees and clients….and there you have it! As a business owner, I know that I can’t control anything in this scenario except my reaction. Now that things have settled down, I’m able to reflect on the coping mechanisms I use to stay sane:
Businessman with Bullhorn
1. Get more physical exercise…if you want to “hit” something….hit the pavement and walk or run
2. Avoid alcohol at all costs
3. Allow yourself to be really, really, really mad….than get over it
4. Remember it’s only temporary and will pass
5. Seek professional help if your mental health is being affected
6. Admit that perfection is stupid
7. Pet your dog….if you don’t have one, get one
8. Take 20 long, deep breaths
9. Get physically away from the situation
10. Go into a secluded area or room and scream every four-letter you know….make up a few!
11. Find the humor and irony in the situation
12. Get out of yourself and help out someone else
13. Regroup and refocus on tasks you can complete today so you have a feeling of accomplishment
14. Make a list of things you hate to do and draw a line through each of them….it helps me….
15. Count the really good things in your life i.e. family, friends,
16. Stand outside and breathe in the fresh air
17. Figure what mistakes you made and learn from them.
18. Throw a hissy fit and move on!

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