Unemployment Blues....there's hope!

Last night I facilitated a group of 12 professionals going through career transition. They were probably the most fearful, negative group I’d seen. I could feel the bad energy as each of them arrived…. bringing their own sad tale of being downsized or fired. On top of everything else, the video equipment decided not to work…. so I had to facilitate the old fashion way…. by engaging them myself and talking to them…what a concept!shutterstock_85041310

The top for the session was “How to Write a Killer Value Statement”. Looking at the faces of the group, I had a suspicion they didn’t place much value in themselves. Our initial discussion proved my theory. I asked them to complete this sentence: I am valuable because________________________.
All but one sat there staring at their blank page. I explained that their reaction is very common because most of us are taught to hide our value and not talk about ourselves. The last time most of us talked about our value was in kindergarten…really, that’s true! Think about the last time completed the sentence for yourself…..why ARE you valuable? What GIVES you purpose? How would it change your life?

So, here’s your challenge: Complete these sentence-

“I am valuable because______________________

“I am very good at __________________________

The results of my value and excellent work is _________________________

What this means to you is _______________________________

When you complete the exercise send it to me and I’ll share it to encourage others to do the thing. Enjoy!
Jan Marino-jan.highgainco@gmail.com


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  • uh uh cannot will not bite I'm degreed and homeless and jobless not that I wear it like a badge of honor but in this climate of unemployment all philosophies fly out the window when you have such rampant nepotism/racism that is here in Chicago all that matters is aggressiveness nice guys do finish last.

  • you're talkin to the wrong people...and your negativity is not helping your cause...tell me how we can help and don't say "get me a job" cuz that's not hte way this works....first things first...we need to get you a place to stay til you get better footing...I've been where you are...no job, no house, no money, nothin! I made it out, but I didn't do it alone..

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