Six trends in the world of careers today….as I see it….Jan Marino’s Trending

Short gigs will become the norm….companies (particularly tech companies) will hire contractors for short-term projects. You can demand top dollar and get it. Start branding yourself on Linkedin now and build business relationships with contract search firms.

Retiring at the age of 65 is a concept of the past. People will be working well into their 80’s if they wish. Some of us will NEED to keep working because of our lifestyle. Some of us will WANT to continue working because retirement is a foreign notion.

Re-training, re-inventing, re-programming, re-wiring…..whatever you want to call it…continuous education and training is here to stay. Add coding to reading, writing and ‘rthmetic as primary skills.

Seventy somethings will team with twenty somethings and every something in between and together they will start a workplace revolution based on respect, integrity and knowledge sharing that will overcome arrogance, ageism, racMP910220821ism and stupid people.

Citizens are taking back their power and becoming involved in activities that keep the neighborhoods and business district safe from the onslaught of rival gang activities.

The old “top down” management style is dying….it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because someone always has to be the “loser”…the mindset of win/lose is gone and is replaced by contribution and value to customer. Silos are out…flat is in. Managers are out….teams are in. Arrogance is out…brilliant is in. Be smart. Be brilliant. Be great!

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