How to brand yourself online in 5 easy one bonus tip

1. Post a professionally produced headshot of yourself

2. Decide what sites you’re using to market yourself. Currently Linkedin and Twitter are the two I recommend because they’re easy to use and give you great visibility.

3. Determine what you want people to know about you i.e. what problems can you solve? can you save them time and $$$? ….what are your achievements and what would that mean to them?....what trends do you see in your industry?....what makes you marketable?...what are you really good at?...

4. Create a story about yourself based on the information uncovered in step 3. Here’s an example….”My name is Jan Marino. I’m an entrepreneur and business owner. The name of my company is High Gain Cos, Inc. and we help individuals and small businesses brand themselves online so they can grow their business. I started my career working in my father’s pharmacy. After college, I took a job as an office manager and worked my way up to lead salesperson. Because I’ve lived in six states, I know how to reinvent myself and build strong networks. I know how to introduce new products and services into the marketplace….with little or no marketing budget. I know how to create and implement strategic sales initiatives. I’ve managed $4M projects and successfully secured new five-year vendor contracts. I’ve written a best selling book: Take Back Your Career.

5. Distill your story into 5-7 key words and 3 bullet points: entrepreneur, author, sales, strategic, digital branding

6. Publish on your chosen sites and update your profile regularly. Live your brand and send out a consistent message to your audience.

Remember to have fun with your branding efforts and let people see that you’re human….real, valuable, smart, professional, honest.

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