7 Lesssons Learned from Working in Corporate America

Working in large corporations taught me a lot about how to survive. It also taught me when it was time to leave to become an entrepreneur. This is a trend I see continuing to grow, so any of you who are being forced into this process by layoffs or those of you who have gotten tired of counting silos…..here are tips for thriving while you reinvent yourself:

1. Whatever you’re going through now is only temporary…..it WILL change and usually for the best

2. The only thing you have control over is what’s between your ears…..you control nothing else, so quit worrying about it.

3. Don’t burn bridges….unless you’re sure you’ll NEVER see that person again or know someone who knows that person and is in a position to help you…..just sayin….

4. Listen more than you talk. People will tell you what they need and want if you listen to them. You’ll also learn about trends, deals, challenges, mergers, and everything in between.

5. Take action and DO something….even if it’s wrong. Make things happen.

6. Commit to life-long learning. Keep your skill set current i.e. writing code. Small businesses are struggling to find programmers. They need people who are talented and will stay for more than six months.

7. Keep your network alive no matter what. Letting your network die is a big mistake so try really hard to avoid it. A strong network is a life saver particularly when you need connections in the event of a career transition.


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  • LOVE this. I think sometimes, as women (particularly), we want our product to be so perfect we miss the mistakes others are making on the way up. Fantastic advice!

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