22 More Personal Branding Tips

22 More Personal Branding Tips
1. Learn to tell great stories-people remember great storytellers
2. Before you completely lose your temper, take three deep breathes.
3. Laugh more often
4. Challenge your brain – read, read, read
5. Be grateful for your talents
6. “Make a dent in the universe”….Steve Jobs
7. Allow yourself quiet time
8. Share your expertise-become a resource for others
9. Build strong win-win relationships
10. Exercise your mind and your body
11. Listen more than you talk
12. Don’t burn bridges…it’s bad juju
13. Learn to focus and produce results
14. Stand up for your convictions
15. Join and participate in four Linkedin groups i.e. Linkedin Chicago
16. Stand up straight and be proud of yourself
17. Concisely explain your value to the marketplace – in two sentences
18. Consider yourself a customer service expert….YOU are the product!
19. Include videos and infographics on your Linkedin profile, Twitter and Facebook etc.
20. Send a constant message about how you can solve problems
21. Take responsibility for your choices
22. Do something….even if it’s wrong…you’ll learn from mistakes (trust me!)

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