You've Got 8 Seconds to Get my Attention.....GO!

The average attention span of a person is 8 seconds. Let me say that again. The average attention span of a person is 8 seconds. That means that you have just a few seconds to get someone to read, stop, contemplate, or reject your message. Your customers are bombarded with IM’s, emails, phone calls, meeting reminders and interruptions all day long. All you’re asking for is a few seconds to get your information across to your customer. They already know you. They do business with you. They trust you. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll stop and pay attention to your message.

All is not lost. Before you post something online or design a brochure or newsletter take into consideration the following tips:

• Many people learn visually, so use photos, video to communicate your information

• Make your message short and concise….it needs to be easy to understand
• Add a great headline. People remember catchy phrases

• Entertain your audience. Make your message interesting and memorable.

• Use bullet points…it’s easier for the reader.

Personally, I love puppy pictures....hint, hint...



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  • I'm sorry but you lost me after 8 seconds.

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