Working silently is making us deaf!

I’m sitting in a Panera’s like I do at least 3 times a week. I have my Air Book, smartphone, Kindle, ipod, and earphones. There are five other people at different tables near me. We are all wearing headsets, pounding away on keyboards and you can hear a pin drop…….

Sometimes I think we’re so wired in that we stay in our “spaces” too long and become like zombies….eyes glazed over from staring at a screen all day and ears ringing from listening to endless, nonproductive conference calls where someone invaritably doesn’t know what time zone they’re in and calls late.

Granted, I’m very prolific in this environment, but I feel very disconnected from my fellow latte, decaf, iced, nonfat coffee warriors. So, I’ve made a decision today. I’m going to start introducing myself to others who are here day after day. I’m going to make it point to talk to people at least twice a day. It’ll be a great way to practice cold introductions and expanding my network….I’m a half-full kinda person….this WILL be good for me.

So, if you see a blond, relatively attractive woman walking over to your table soon… nice to me and smile…..too much silence is deafening…☺

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