It's a Chicago Summer

I’m on the train from the western suburbs to Chicago. Normally this is a quiet trip with people sleeping or pounding away on their keyboards. No one makes eye contact or smiles. There’s no gum popping or kids squirming anxiously in their seats. Not this morning…this train is packed with kids of every color, size, shape, age….blue nails, bright white, perfect teeth, muscle shirts, backpacks and talking incessantly.

I can feel the energy this crowd is bringing to an already excited city. They’re going to the park, art museum, shopping….meeting grandparents, friends. School’s out and fun is finally starting. The laughing and goodtiming is contagious even for the train porters (ok, that might be an exaggeration). It’s so fine to see people being themselves.

I guess I’m in the spirit of things too… I’m working a technology event this afternoon and I decided to wear my Blackhawks jersey. Go Hawks!!! For a town who lives sports, the Blackhawks are our saviors this year. All we need is an excuse to party and act like kids….thanks Hawks!

Chicago is like New York without the edge. We are a beautiful, proud, welcoming vibrant town in the middle of the prairie. Chicago is a surprisingly a small town with distinct neighborhoods, really fun and great food and loads of heart. I’ve lived all over the country…NE, TX, MN, CA, OH….IL is home now! One of the best parts of living here is the change of seasons….it reminds us that everything is changing all the time and that we grow older. It’s a good thing to remember that nothing is static.

Riding this train on this summer day with these loud, energetic happy passengers makes me thankful to be sitting in this seat at this time sharing with these strangers. It’s great summer soul food!

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