Five Ways to Successfully Sell Yourself


Know what you’re good at – If you don’t know what you do best, no one else can tell you.  Ask yourself the following questions:  “What makes me valuable i.e.  are you good at cost savings? How about sales? Do you love details? Are you great at finance? Is communications your strength?   For instance, I’m very good at reinventing myself and my value is that I know how to change quickly. I’m in my fourth career.  In an ever changing business environment, being able to change is invaluable.

Become a resource for others – Sharing information and you expertise with others builds your reputation as a contributor.  People who are able to help others become success also excel. Building a reputation as the “go to” person increases your visibility.  You want to be a leader in your industry.  You want customers asking you to do business with them!

Create an online brand – The key to selling yourself is to remember that YOU are the product.  People are buying you and your skills.  Branding yourself online is very effective and economical.  Clients and customers expect you to have an online presence so don’t disappoint them.  I recommend LinkedIn and Twitter for business.  Facebook is great for friends and family.  Invest in a professional head shot because you want to be perceived as being professional.  Create a short, interesting and readable profile for LinkedIn.  Do not use your resume…nobody will read it.  Join a few industry specific LinkedIn groups and participate in them.  The more active you are in those groups, the more profile views you’ll have because people will want to know more about you.  Being active means asking discussion questions like “What trends are you seeing in your business?” or sharing an interesting article.  The secret is consistent participation…..every week minimum.

Become a master networker – Please, please, please never let your network die.  Networking is more important today than ever before.  People who are masters at connecting people always win because they become influencers.  Master networkers don’t keep score or expect anything in return for connecting others.

Be accountable for yourself and your career – Selling yourself successfully means that you take full responsibility for who you are and what you do.  You lead yourself to success by staying true to your values.  When you live your values and stay true to yourself selling yourself becomes almost effortless because YOU are the product.Executive Businessman

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