What I Learned on my 90-minute Walk Today

A forest path in Redwoods State Park, California.

I learned that I’m so out of shape it’s pitiful.  I learned just how many shades of red my face could get as I kept walking along and breathing heavily.

I learned that walking time is a great time to think about solutions to problems. One of my challenges has been dealing with depression.  I’m learning that walking really helps me clear my mind and enjoy the breeze, swans, ripples of water and budding trees.

I learned that the “Monsters of Folks” are a very good band….thank you niece Sarah for introducing them to me.  I learned that Bob Dylan’s voice has gotten gravelly, but mellow in his old age and so has Leonard Cohen’s……who??? These are people from a distant past….

I learned how thankful I am for being born a woman in American….with more choices and options than most women on the planet.  I also learned that making contributions and being part of the solutions is, at least for me, the key to fulfillment.


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