Stop The Madness, Please!


Stop the Madness A forest path in Redwoods State Park, California.

Today’s bombing in Boston is tragic.  That split second has changed so many lives…my spirit cries for the pain inflicted.  Why would anyone want to do something like this?  I just don’t understand this madness or how to stop it.  The outrage that defenseless people were killed and injured is burning and boiling in the pit of my stomach.  I turned the TV off because I couldn’t watch the rerun of the incident.

Rage and hatred are emotions that turn humans into killers and terrorists.  I don’t know how to address the tragedies that occur everyday around the world.  All I know is that when these incidents happen a piece of our humanity dies as well.   I believe we have to replace that lose with love….so please, let’s all love each other more than ever.

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