It’s Beyond Time to Refocus on Customer Service Instead of "the analysts".


Every time I read about “the analysts” are predicting this or that or “the analysts” were disappointed with the quarterly results, I envision some person deep in their basement pouring over numbers and reports.  “The analysts” have probably never run a business, had to make payroll or worked nights and weekends to get a project completed for a customer.  Public companies however, live and die by the whims of “the analysts”.  I know it really is more complicated than I’ve presented it and it’s also unrealistic for all of us to expect corporations to meet or exceed targets every quarter.  Stuff happens and we’re dealing with people.  Numbers don’t lie or get frightened or worried or lose their jobs or see their standard of living lowered or feel despair about the bombing in Boston or the tragedy in Waco.  Numbers are clean and tidy and don’t cry and scream.  MP910220821

Our customers however are humans who buy for various reasons and those reasons aren’t neat and tidy.  Pricing certainly plays a major part in buying decisions.  So does the relationship you develop with customers.  My point is that too often we, the service/product provider, loses sight of what business we’re all in.  That business is always “people”.  Our question to ourselves should be “how can we help our customers become more successful?”  We should want to know what customers say about us…..why they buy from us…what else we can offer…instead, we get hung up on making our numbers and over the long run, this philosophy catches up with us.  Take a look at Wal-Mart and McDonald’s….they’ve both lost their way..Wal-Mart doesn’t have enough staff in their stores to properly service customers.  McDonald’s has forgotten that they are a fast food provider.

I’m a small business owner who’s in the front lines with clients every day.  I know what their challenges are and how I fit into the solution to help them become more successful.  If more senior executives got out with their clients and actually experienced what the “real world” is like, we’d all benefit.  This isn’t rocket science…..this is common sense and good business sense….get of your arse, out of your offices and go out with the public.  Find out what’s really happening in the marketplace and quit relying on what “the analysts” say!

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