Customers, Revolt!

I’ve always believed that the best way to show your displeasure with a vendor or merchant is to simply not go back.  Don’t do business with them ever again.  However I’m going a step farther this time because I believe this retailer can be saved….Best Buy…I really don’t want to see them close.  However, they better get it together soon or they’ll be gone.

I used to love Best Buy.  My husband and I have been long-time customers because prices were good and service was great.  We could always count on great customer service and product knowledge.  However, when we went into our local Best Buy this weekend it looked and felt like a very alien place.  We were looking at tablets.  And that’s just what we did….we looked because no one ever came over and asked if they could answer any questions.  In fact, we got more information from a ten year old kid who was playing with tablets than we did from the Best Buy staff.

We ended up buying a replacement mouse ($7.99) instead of an iPad ($700)….most of the sales staff was standing around talking to each other and not making eye contact with us.  We felt like we were imposing on a private tech group…..we weren’t as interesting or important as the latest phone app….so; I’ve decided it’s time to take action.

I’m launching a customer revolt of one!   I’m not keeping these experiences to myself anymore.  Companies won’t improve if they don’t know they have service problems. I’m writing to Shawn Score who’s the SVP of US Retail for Best Buy.  I have a few simple suggestions that would make a huge difference:

Make sure that every manager and senior executive visit a Best Buy and find out what it’s like to be a customer

Provide good incentives for sales personnel to deliver good customer service

Retrain all Best Buy staff on how to deliver excellent customer service

Treat sales staff with respect and let them know that they’re the most important asset Best Buy has because they are the frontline to the customer


If you want to join the revolution, it’s easy.  Don’t put up with lousy customer service.  Say something!


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  • Absolutely agree! I have written letters to the Presidents of Barnes and Noble and Sears and received incredible support of my problem that the people on the stores that I presented my issue to either ignored or 'blew off'. That was just 2 circumstances that immediately come to mind. On the flip side, I have sent letters to the presidents of companies extolling the fantastic service I may have received from someone on the front line of a company and "sometimes" received a reply back.
    Utilize the internet to affect change. Don't be complacent about a bad experience. You have the ability to potentially change the experience for the next person and possibly even save a company!

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