The Word Formerly Known as "Sequester"

We have recently been introduced to a powerful and ubiquitous new word.  It’s been bandied around for weeks.  Online headlines and blogs are have been overrun with it.  And now, we’re all about the suffer shock from it....the word of course is:  se·ques·ter


Isolate or hide away (someone or something): "the artist sequestered himself in his studio for two years".


A general cut in government spending.


verb. sequestrate - seize - isolate - impound - insulate


noun. segregation - sequestration


However, sequester has taken on a life of it’s own as I discovered.  Here are just a few of the creative, weird, wimsical, stern, innovative, fashionable, straight ways “Sequester” may be showing up in our lexicon:

The Vatican announced the nane of the new Pontif - Pope Sequester I

Introducing Sequester the artist fka as Morrissey

Mrs.Obama’s Gown was by Cyril Sequester

Now available for the Kindle Fire - Sequester, the app

“We just won the NIT and we’re going to Sequesterland”

Get off your Sequesters and get back to work!

Jimmy John’s just introduced the new Sequester footlong

Always wash your sequestration before using it as you never know where it's been.

Most sequestrations are developmentally impaired so make sure you treat them fairly.

Avoid overusing your sequestration, it is a very delicate instrument

The origin of the sequestration is very muddled.  There are very few fossil records

Sequestration is in talks with the Rolling Stones for a world tour

Sequestration will throw out the opening day first pitch for the Washington Nationals

Ronald T. Sequestration is a distant cousin of Alfred E. Newman.

Sequester this!MP900382666

To Sequester or to not Sequester, that is the question!

“Sense and Sequestering

Bacon, Lettuce and Sequester Sandwich



Hurricane Sequester

Sequester in the City

The Sequester  Shuffle

Sequestering banned at home”....must be done in office

Ryan Sequester

The new Sequester diet

Sequesterly, the adverb

New menu item at McDonald's - McSequester waffles with rasberries

Sequester cut (hair style)

How to cook a freshly plucked Sequestration

The new Sequestation diet

Five Traits of a Great Sequesterer



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