Life Lessons Learned During A Blizzard

It’s March 5, 2013.  We’re having a blizzard in northeastern Nebraska (home of the Lady Jays...Nebraska Women’s State Basketball Champs-Class C1...first time ever!).  The sun was shining an hour ago, but now we have a full-fledged blizzard.  Snow and winds of 30 mph.  This part of the country really needs the moisture.  It’s been a very dry couple of years.  This is farm country.  Farmers are getting the fields ready for planting.  They’ve been hauling manure from the cattle feedlots to the fields and spreading it for’s the smell of “money” they say....
I’m an interloper here.  My Mom has been under-the-weather so I’ve been staying with her.  Given, I was born here however,  I moved away and haven’t been stuck in a late winter blizzard in years.  I really never think about the weather.  It’s just there....but out takes on a whole new meaning...everything revolves around the weather.  As I sit here looking out at the blowing snow I realize that are things to be learned today:

The calendar doesn’t rule it - Normally, this time of year, the first signs of spring can be seen.  Daffodils, robins, geese....not this’s gray and the cows are laying down alot-that means that it’s going to snow....I’m not kidding!


Have a backup plan for it - A blizzard means staying our case, we’re stuck in the house all day.  So, we used today to complete Mom’s “never ending” list of todo’s....cleaned out the hall closet, wiped away cobwebs, threw out old pillows...what we really did was visit all day.  We caught up on all the family business.  We had breakfast together.  We read the paper.  We worked the “Jumble” and crossword in the paper.  We had a mother-daughter was wonderful and magical.


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