5 Keys to Successful Face-to-Face Communications

I can’t believe that “they” say that “we” don’t know how to carry on a face-to-face conversation anymore.  “They” say that there are at least two generations of workers who struggle with face-to-face situations.  “They” say that “we’ve” lost the art of conversation and use technology to hide “our” communications failures.  For once, I agree with the ubiquitous “they”.   Penguins

“We” the huddled masses are challenged by the ancient, yet very effective person-to-person, nose-to-nose, eye-to-eye, sweaty-hand-to-sweaty-hand form of communicating.  We hide behind technology which takes the emotion out of connecting.  The reader can’t see our faces or read our body language.....so lots of mis-communicating occurs.  I don’t need to give you examples....we’ve all experienced it.

So, here’s a primer to remind “us” how to conduct successful face-to-face communications....it’ll all come back to you sooner than yout think!

1.  Make eye contact
2.  Be ready to listen
3.  Make the conversation about them, not you
4.  Respect their time
5.  Think before you speak

Practice makes perfect, so here’s your assignment:  schedule two F2F meetings next week....shig (see how it goes)

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