How Snarky Customer Service Kills Your Business

Snarky: testy, irritable, short, unpleasant, scornful

Your Business: - an extension of you, the product of your hard work and dedication, your livelihood

Customer Service - the process of taking care of your customers in a positive manner

Stop and think about the last time you experienced really great customer service. Compare that feeling to your response when you recall the last time you experienced really bad customer service.
The observation that we’ll “tell 500 of our closest friends about bad customer service and tell a few people of good service” is true. Since you’re one of my closest friends, I’ll share what I’ve recently experienced.... I call it “snarky” customer service....and it could be killing your business!

I’ve see customer service snarkiness in retail as well as corporate settings. I’ve experienced everything from no eye contact to a corporate front desk person mumbling that “customers are a pain in the arse”. You can bet I really want to give them repeat business.....not!

In today’s business environment, everyone in the organization is a customer service person. Every employee provides services to external and internal customers. Instilling a value for providing a positive service experience is essential to you and your bottom line. So, be on the lookout by snarky attitudes, emails, body language, phone messages....and call people on’s killing your business.

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