What Happens When A Dutch Dynamo Meets an Ambitious American?

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One of the many wonders of global communications is the ability to strike up friendships with someone in another part of the world. My connection with Ilse Tempelaars from The Netherlands is a good example of what can happen when you’re open to possibilities. We are both entrepreneurs who are committed to achieving our goals. We’re risk takers and we both believe in ourselves and our services. We decided to write an article about what makes us successful and to highlight that striving for excellence is universal.

Reinvention is Good for You - Jan’s Story
I tell people that I’ve been “right-sized”, “down-sized”, “over-sized” and “under-sized” so I’ve learned the hard way how to spring back from major setbacks. I’ve also learned what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and business person. While working in corporate America I discovered that I am a very good communicator, driven leader, creative problem solver. I also love making money and being my own boss.

The challenge has been to create a service that the market needs and will pay for. Eight years ago, I took my experience to the marketplace and formed High Gain Companies, Inc. High Gain provides business development, marketplace trending, social media and personal branding services for companies and individuals.
I have worked with hundreds of clients
including McDonald’s, The Northern Trust, Walt Disney Co., and Bank of America.
I also blog for the Chicago Tribune and I’ve
appeared on TV and radio programs. I wrote a book - “Take Back Your Career”. I followed my own advice and branded myself using word- of-mouth, testimonials from successful clients, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and countless hours of giving back to others.

My motto is “change or die”. I’m good at change because I’ve had to be. Early in my career, I moved every seven years. Relocating to a new city meant finding a new job, new friends, new networks, new everything. Continuous reinventions have made me flexible, determined and able to quickly spot business trends. The trends I see today are:
· Delayed Retirement
· Multiple Careers
· More-Than-One-Income Stream
· Competing Generations in the Workplace
· Mandatory Personal Branding
· Back-To-Basics Communicating

The essentials you need today are:
1. Believe in yourself – YOU are the product!
2. Brand yourself…be proud, not loud
3. Make success happen
4. Work hard, work smart
5. Listen for marketplace needs

Ilse’s story - In business by accident
Like many people I’ve come across, I started my business a couple of years ago more or less accidently. I actually started my business, while having a fulltime job. I know, it’s not the best way to get started and trust me, I’ve made every mistake possible; worked overtime, hardly ever said ‘no’ to clients, wasn’t focused on my own success, had a poorly hours ‘pay, didn’t know what was up ahead, no quality time with friends, family and while I was thinking to be happy with my business, I definitely wasn’t.

Re-designed my business
But I’m not a quitter. I knew I had something of value to bring to the table and people responded to it. I had lots of experience as a branding-expert and clients loved working with me. But I wanted to intervene in the way I did business. How would it be if I immediately come to mind whenever people struggle with their visibility, finding clients and make more profit? What if they instantly think of me? Shameless to say, but I would love that! So I took up master classes (your brain should never retire!), hired two excellent business coaches and re-designed my entire company. It’s like starting my business all over again. But this time, the right way.

Make your business brain pop
Like Jan, I followed my own advice and branded myself through testimonials, blogs, published articles and gave lectures. And I find working with business coaches makes my brain pop, like popcorn and it always gives me a high energy boost. I wish all of you the same experience. So this is what I bring to the table and love sharing with you. I help make your businessbrain pop and create an authentic, vibrant en irresistible brand, so clients can’t get around you! My businessprogramms have all the ingredients you need to be succesfull. It's not hocus-pocus, and for sure no air bubble, it's what you make of it. And like any other recipe, it needs love and attention to grow into a rich, luscious and attractive appetizer everyone wants to get a hold of. Does this sound attractive to you?

What makes it work for you
You are just a couple of steps away of being a irresistible powerbrand. As mentioned before, I strongly believe in everyone's unique value and it’s up to you to bring it to the table. And I love to help you do just that. When working with clients I make a tailor made business-scan, which consists out of a couple of essential ingredients. The essentials I believe will make it happen for you are:
Your business mindset
Your raison d'être (why you do what you do)
Your ideal clients
Your authentic, vibrant and inspiring story
Your ability to innovate, reinvent your business

Be a hot brand
Why should you bother being a hot brand? Here's some reasons why: it's good to know who you are, what you stand for, what you bring to the table and be valued for it. This makes you more attractive and an inspiration to others and you differentiate yourself from the crowd so you can shine in whatever field you have chosen. Is this something you desire?

Your moment to shineOffice Workers Clapping at Office Party
Then get started! This is your moment to shine. Realize it's a lot of work, and a process that will take time. It will challenge you, but brings you all the fine flavours you wish for. Trust your gut instinct, dare to be different, create openings, think big and step into the light.

We encourage you to take up this challenge. Step into the spotlight and let your abilities speak for themselves. Show your talents to the world. Each of us has special gifts to share with others....as Steve Jobs said “make a dent in the universe”

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