How to Write a Great Value Statement in 6 Easy Steps


If someone hasn’t asked you for a value statement lately, they’re going to and you want to be ready.  Whether you’re employed or in transition, knowing your value is critical and being able to communicate it is even more crucial.  Here are 6 steps to help you write it:

1.      List your five top measureable accomplishments –          

Here are some examples.  Remember that it must be measureable….You developed a new process or procedure that saved money and saved time.  You developed a new training process for new employees to bring them up to speed quickly which saved money and time.  You sold additional products or services to an existing client which resulted in increased sales.  You developed a spreadsheet that gave management financial information which enabled management to better manage budgets.  You created a social marketing campaign which increased industry exposure for your company and resulted in more prospects.

2.     Prioritize your top two accomplishments.

3.     Finish this sentence using one of your accomplishment statements:

“I am very good at ________________________________________” 

For example-“I am very good at developing new processes. ” OR “I am very good at selling additional services to existing clients.”

4.     Complete the second part of your value statement:               

“What this means to your organization is that I can____________________________....i.e.

“save time and money” OR “positively impact the bottom line with increased sales.”

5.    Finally, give an example of your value….”for example the new procedure I created reduced processing time by 15%” OR “I sold an additional $12,000 worth of services.”

Your final value statement will read something like this:  “I’m really good at creating new processes.  The value for your company is that I can save your time and money by increasing efficiencies.  For example in my last position I developed a new billing process which reduced the process by 15% freeing more time for trending analysis.”

6.     Test your statement out with five connects and modify if needed.  


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