Four Strategies to Successfully Reinvent Yourself

If you think that your current job will last forever and you can retire from it in twenty years, think again!  The days of any company “taking care of you” are long gone.  Holding a job for more than 5 years is a triumph these days.  The job market is changing very quickly as companies try to stay competitive by ever increasing productivity.

So, what does this mean for you?  It means that reinventing yourself continuously is essential to keep yourself marketable.  Take Ron for example.  Ron is an accountant who was laid off several months ago.  As part of his job search, Ron earned his Project Management Professsional (PMP) certification.  He hoped additional certifications would enhance his interview efforts.  He was right.  Ron got a new position recently.  His new employer needed an accounting professional who could manage large projects.  Ron was the perfect candidate.

Ron is an excellent example of implementing a successful career reinvention – Expand your education.

Here are three additional strategies:

Get and stay in good physical condition – Feeling and looking good adds to your confidence and performance.  You will feel like a new person by exercising regularly.   You’ll have more stamina and will handle stress better -

Expand your network to include professionals outside of your industry.  When you broaden your contacts, you enhance your professional reach.  You can be a resource center to more people.  The more you help others the more referrals you get -

Develop a strong personal brand – YOU are the product.  Define your features and benefits.  For example one of your features may be that you know how to streamline processes.  The benefit to an organization is that you save them time and dollars because you can reduce the time it takes to complete a task –


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  • Saw this headline article as I was reading about the Cubs......after reading what Jan had to say is "What a Bunch of Crap".....

    The problem is not the job is the employer. First off, we have politicians who let many Corporations send jobs overseas, or let foreigners (H1B's) come and take jobs at reduce salary rates. Now some say no ( H1B) took my job. Well, H1B's did take many jobs away. The Govt. let them bring in seven additional family members to work here in this country at lesser paying rate jobs. If a CEO can put more money in his pocket at reduce salary, he will. Many educated, experience Americans are without jobs today due to our politicians and CEO's. We also have people like Bill Gates who sent jobs overseas. Work that could be done here, but Bill wanted to make money for himself. Remember how Bill Clinton did that trade agreement and we were suppose to have lower price produce? That did not work out well for Americans. These days, employers want a total background investigation on you, your credit score and even your neighbors! They are collecting information, so they can turn it around and sell it off to other groups. Banks, local govt, retail stores, funeral directors, all sell the information you give to them on the forms you fill out. Over the years, I have seen the same jobs being listed, and never filled. Why? It is the way for corporations to have people come in and fill out forms, so they can sell that information. Another reason why the job market is so slow in this country is the banks are not giving out loans to businesses to expand. Banks are crooks, but that is another story for another day. What most employers are telling job seekers is that job experience is worth more than a Master's degree. How can you get experience when there are no jobs? Most people (HR staff) who do the hiring who talk against a college education, are not college educated and are more jealous of what you have learned in life. BTW, most of those HR / dept. manager people are overweight slobs, who have no professional attire when they come to an interview. To me, HR people are a waste. They cannot read a resume and lack proper skills for their company.

    Many companies today don't want to bother with people over 50 years anymore. Age discrimination is at its highest I believe right now. The govt itself does not count the unemployed who ran out of benefits or those who gave up looking or are underemployed. Our President can boost the jobs he created, but do those jobs pay enough? 10,000 lost white collar professional jobs cannot equal to 10,000 new McDonalds / WalMart jobs.

    So all I can say is try to start your own business, be professional, treat your customers well, remember who stuck with you, give new beginners a chance working for you, don't discriminate on color or age, and pay your taxes.

    The Govt and Corporate America has to hire Americans before letting outsiders come in and take jobs away. Govt needs to tax Corporations for American jobs that were sent overseas. Kids need to go to college, and colleges need to reduce their tuition. The govt needs to give amnesty on past college loans. Govt needs to stop taxing unemployed people who dipped into their IRA's for paying their bills. And give Corporations and small businesses tax incentives for hiring new people and keeping them for more than a year

    If you know a company that discriminates or is wasting time of job applicants, expose them on the internet. Tell the company name and the people who did the interview.

    Note for Jan, you need to get out there and see what the job world has become.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Interesting comments I don't agree with them and I appreciate your taking time to give another view point....BTW....:I am out in the business world and I know what the world of work is today - thanks for your comments

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