Game Changers – 4 Things You Need to Know About The New Career Game

Once upon a time, you got a job by answering an ad in the newspaper or seeing a sign in a story window that read “Now Hiring. Inquire Within”.  You would keep that job for the rest of your career.  The pay scale was good and the company paid full health benefits and gave you paid vacation and sick days.  There was an unwritten contract between you and your employer.  You showed up for work everyday and in return, you kept your job and became part of the “company” family.  You were taken care of and you all loved happily ever after.

That was then…..this is now….and the career game has changed dramatically.  You also have a 75% chance of being unemployed during your career.  You’re going to want to know how these changes will affect you.  Trust me, you going to need to know.

  1. YOU are the product.  In today’s market you are expected to show how you impact the bottom line. Your personal brand is more important than ever.  You need to know how your talents and accomplishments contribute to the organization.  Online self marketing is critical to successfully positioning yourself i.e. Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and blogging.
  2. Growing a strong network is a must.  Referrals about job opportunities are the preferred way for organizations to fill vacancies.  Try to focus on networking and connecting with individuals in industries that compliment your industry.  For example, expand into your vendors’ and clients’ networks.
  3. Contract work is the name of the game.  Because of uncertainties about healthcare and regulations, companies are reluctant to hire full-time employees.  However, they still have major projects to complete so they will hire contractors.  You are what business writer Dan Pink calls a “free agent”.  You are accountable for your career including benefits….the days of businesses taking caring of employees is gone.
  4. Solving business problems is where the action is.  Renew your critical thinking and strategy implementation skills.

Keeping up with new technology is also key to being and staying successful. Partnering with your customer to help them get what they need makes you a vital player.  You can all live happily ever after.....the end!

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